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The cartography for AvMap aeronautical products includes information from several sources and data providers: NAVTEQ, Jeppesen, Seattle Avionics. For more info visit the Aeronautical Maps page 

It is possible to update each set of data separately: Jeppesen, Terrestrial Background or Street maps by downloading them  directly from the  AvMap Suite.

1. First read How to install and open the Suite

2. How to update maps with the AvMap Suite:

The Suite is able to detect whether your map is up-to-date or if a newer version is available. When a new version is available, a message will appear in the left part of the Suite main menu. You can buy the map only if you are logged in (otherwise the Map update button is disabled):

1.    Click on the Map Update button: the Management page is divided into two parts: the left column shows the maps present in the navigator, while the right column shows the purchased maps (downloaded in the PC). For each map it is displayed Name, version and a status light: if the map us still up-to-date the light is green, if the map is obsolete the light is red, and a “Purchase update” link appears.

2.    To update the map with the latest available version, click on “Purchase update” , the new available map will be displayed

3.    Click on Download.

4. The Shopping Cart page opens up: choose the payment method (Credit Card or PayPal). Remember that map updates must be purchased separately from other items (navigators, accessories, etc.). Click on the “Checkout” button to continue

5. The Shipping Address page opens up: fill the form in order to receive a regular invoice, then click on “Send Order” button

6. The Payment page opens up: you have to fill in your credit card or PayPal data, in order to finalize the purchase

7. Proceed and click on “Download Map”

Problem Resolution:
If a download is not completed because of an interruption of the connection, you will find the purchased map in the Map page of the Suite, and you will be able to download it again.

Loading the new map on your EKP V
Click on the Map button in the Suite to open the Map Management page.To load the new map:
1. In the left column, click on the Backup button next to the obsolete map (to save a safety backup)
2.    After the back up, the “Delete” button will appear next to each map. Click on “Delete” to free space on your SD card. This way the map will be deleted from the navigator memory card, but it will be saved on your PC, so it will be always possible to use it again.
3.    In the right column click on the button “Install” next to the newly downloaded map. When the process is complete, the new map should be displayed also in the left column of the page (content of your navigator).

ATTENTION: when buying an update, more than one file could be downloaded; in that case it is very important to install all the files for the correct functioning of the navigator.
At the end of the procedure all the new files should be displayed also in the left column of the Map management page.


Register your product  in order to  download for free desktop suite, user manuals, tools, and software updates  and to get Customer Support.

EKP V can be connected to the autopilot using the “USB – serial converter cable” .
You can find it on AvMap Store – Aeronautical accessories – EKP V.
This cable must be connected to the USB connections of the power cigarette cable. When the device has been connected to the cigarette – USB plug the a window will be shown.
The customer has to set “Autopilot” and then “Menu – Tools – Autopilot”. In this menu the customer will can set the interface connections settings in according with the istructions of the autopilot user manual.
As a resume please follow these standard istructions:
- Connect the TX pin of our SERIAL SPARE PART (USB-Serial or Docking Station serial when it will be available) to the RX pin of the autopilot.
- Then connect both GND (ground) pins together.
- To find the correct pins location on the autopilot please refer to the Autopilot User Manual itself.

EKP V can be connected to the PC through USB cable, and data can be improted through the AvMap Suite Desktop application.

Read How to install and set the AvMap Suite ,  Connect the EKP V to the PC and open the Suite

How to Transfer contents from EKP V to PC and viceversa

You can explore the contents of your EKP V such as flight plans, User Marks and recorded tracks and save them in your PC in order to share them with friends. You can also add contents from your PC to the EKP V.
1. Click on the Explore Device button. The left column lists the content of your EKP V, while the right column shows the items saved in your PC
2. Click on the links on the left to display the desired contents of the EKP V (User marks, Tracks, Flight plans)
3. Save them on your PC clicking on “Export to PC” button. The Suite will create:
• A unique GPX file for all your saved User marks
• A GPX and KMZ file for each saved track
• A GPX and FDX file for each saved Flight plan
The files will be created inside the C:\Documents and Settings\[PC_username]\Documents\EKP V\ folder. You can choose a different destination folder in the Settings menu, in the “Destination Folders” page.

This content can be imported in another EKP V. You can also add contents (User marks, Tracks, Flight plans) from your PC to your EKP V:

1. Click the “Explore Device” button: a window will open up showing the contents of your PC
2. Click the “Add” button to browse other folders in your PC
3. Choose the file to transfer (GPX file with contacts, GPX or KMZ file with Tracks or XML and FDX files with Flight Plans)
4. Click the “Import to EKP” button to transfer the file in your EKP

How to  Import or export Flight Plans
AvMap suite allows to export/import your flight plans to/from the PC so that you can view them on Google Earth or many other Flight Planning software, and share them with friends. The supported formats are .gpx (Google Earth) and .fdx (Seattle Avionics Voyager).
How to export a flight plan:
1. Click on the Explore Device button, and click on the Flight Plan link on the left. In the left column you can find the flight plans saved on your EKP V, while in the right column you can find contents saved in your PC
2. Select a Flight plan. You can select all the flight plans by clicking on the checked box below the left window, or deselect all by clicking the unchecked box below the left window
3. Click the ‘Export to Pc’ button, you will see two the files appearing in the right column: the flight plan will be saved both in .fdx and in .gpx format to your PC. You can select all the flight plans by clicking on the checked box below the left window (deselect all by clicking the unchecked box below the left window).

How to import a flight plan:
1. Vice versa, to import a flight plan from the PC to the EKP V select the .gpx or .fdx file from the right column. You can select all the flight plans by clicking on the checked box below the right window, or deselect all by clicking the unchecked box below the left window
2. Click the ‘Import to Pc’ button and you will see the file appearing in the left column. The Flight plan will be imported to your EKP V and will be immediately available in the FP page of the unit.

In order to update your EKP V Software, get the AvMap Suite! The AvMap  Suite is a PC application that helps you keeping your EKP V up-to-date, managing maps and sharing contents.

AvMap releases periodically free software updates for its navigators. Keeping your EKP V Software up-to-date is important for a safer and better navigation experience.

How to install AvMap Suite

1. Download the AvMap Suite User Manual

2. Download AvMap Suite on your PC and install it  following the manual instructions (this opertaoin is necessary only the first time).

3. Disconnect the EKP V from the power supply.

4.  Connect the EKP V the PC through USB.

5. Wait for the device recognition: when the operating system of your PC recognizes the navigator as a mass
storage device (a splash screen showing the USB icon appears on the navigator’s display),

6. Follow  the  Suite Manual the instructions to set the AvMap Suite and make your first EKP V  Software Update.

How to Update The Software

The AvMap Suite informs you each time a new software version for your navigator is available

1. Click on “Install” button to install the software in your device

2. At the end of the installing process, please follow the procedure that appears on the screen to reset the Operative System.:

3. Locate the reset hole in the lower part of the navigator

4. Insert a pointy object in the hole

5. Release the Reset hole

After the software has been updated,  restart the Suite.

Connect your Geosat to the PC periodically, to keep it up-to-date!


Yes it is.

Starting from the Map View, click the FP button.

On the FP page, scroll the menu until you reach the Waypoint you need to change/edit. Click the joystick to open the WPT Menu. Select ALTITUDE to change the quote of that Waypoint.


If the VP Graph is active you will see the same graph changing in real time.

The range of temperature at which the EKP V  must be used  is:

FOR  A  NORMAL USE : MIN :  - 20°C / - 4°F

                                       MAX:    60°C /   140°F



                                                 MAX:    80°C /   176°F


IMPORTANT: The maximum temperature for the storage of the product is intended WITHOUT BATTERY. The battery MUST BE REMOVED if the temperature exceeds 60 ° C (140 ° F), because it could explode.

First of all verify that the led on the 220V Usb charger or the led on the cigarette cable is working.

This it should be caused by the battery; If  the  battery  is  complete discharged, it could be necessary to remove it and then to power up

the unit on external power. Once the  unit  is  running  re-insert  the battery.

EKPV can be supplied using the 12V cigarette lighter cable, provided in the package, or by the power supply  wall cable, which is also provided.


IMPORTANT: The voltage must not exceed 5.5V.

To connect the power cable, find the slot on the top of the browser and insert the cable with the adhesive facing up.
To turn EKPV on, hold the PWR key for a couple of seconds.
If properly connected, on browser’s display appears  an icon that indicates the battery charging status.

If properly connected, on the display of the navigator an icon appears that indicates the battery charging status.


• To get the most from Li-ion battery, we recommend first a full 12 hours charge.
• For charging, use only the power adapter and cable provided in the package, to avoid damaging the device.
• Avoid the improper use and the short-circuit : the battery may explode




For charging the battery of your navigator, use only the power adapter and cable provided in the package, to avoid damaging the device.

( USB adapter + USB cable OR Car Cigarette Cable )

A full charge takes about 6 hours.

For the battery charge to be activated, the device should be in stand-by mode( sleep mode ), just turn it off normally but LEAVE the button before the 3 seconds countdown.

If the device is ON during the charge, the charging time of battery will take about 12 hours.






First you should always check the structure of your browser on page x in the user manual.

With EKP V off follow this sequence of operations:


1. Open the battery compartment cover
2. Insert the Micro SD
3. Insert the battery into the compartment
4. Close the battery storage compartment


To turn on the EKPV hold the PWR key for a couple of seconds.
If properly connected, on browser’s display appears  an icon that indicates the battery charging status.

To optimize the reception of the GPS antenna is recommended to open and lift the cover and make sure it is positioned as parallel as possible to the sky. The receive status is visible on all pages, including the map, through the icon with the satellite.           

Three green bars indicates an excellent reception, and the icon with a red bar and the triangle with the CAUTION signal indicates that the signal is absent.

The AvMap navigation software only works with AvMap original memory cards. AvMap Memory cards cannot be duplicated or modified, if your memory card is damaged, please contact AvMap technical support.

Software and Jeppesen updates can be download and installed even in case of Suite problems, just simply connecting the EKP to the PC with the USB PC Interface cable.
At the link here below  you can download a document with all detailed instructions to update Software and Jeppesen database.

In case of Jeppesen installing, the updated database shall be purchased before, you can do it here:

(just choose "Aeronautical Maps" - "select product" - "select format" - "download updates" - "Aero database")
ATTENTION:  Make sure to properly calibrate attitude before proceeding with Compass Calibration.
the magnetometer calibration data is invalidated after every attitude calibration procedure (full attitude calibration and horizon alignment).

The Compass Calibration procedure must be executed in-flight and requires to steer the aircraft in 4 directions and execute some pitch up/down maneuvers. The total duration for this procedure is about 4 minutes.

Press MENU > TOOLS > EFIS > Compass Calibration.
The screen switches to Primary Flight Display mode, where a flight director (a magenta frame) shows the maneuvers to perform. Follow the magenta frame until the procedure is finished.
Assuming that the calibration is started with the aircraft heading North, the steps required are:

1.  Maintaining heading 000° execute: pitch up + 20°, back to straight flight and then pitch down -20°

2. Turn left to heading 270° by performing a standard rate turn (the proper bank will be shown by the flight director). The target heading for each step is shown as a magenta reference inside the heading tape.

3. Execute pitch up/down maneuvers as described in step #1

4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 for headings 180° and 090°, until reaching again the original heading.

5. At the end of a successful calibration procedures the compass instruments is enabled (i.e. red cross removed) and the HSI instrument correctly shows AHRS as data source, meaning that magnetic compass data are now available to the EFIS system.

Note: it’s not required to start the procedure heading north. Any starting direction is acceptable.
Note: If the calibration fails or the compass indicator is not enabled, repeat the calibration procedure. If several calibration attempts fails review the installation location of the A2. Magnetic disturbance could be too high in the selected area.

The small and light weighted ADAHRS module easily fits into the aircraft as it can be installed in any orientation (a proper calibration procedure must be performed). It is suggested to install the A2 aligned with the aircraft longitudinal axis, as it simplifies the attitude calibration process.

The right position should be:
- Near the pitot and static lines
-  In a location clear of strong magnetic or electromagnetic disturbances as much as possible.
- Avoid installing the A2 ADAHRS near electronic equipment (other digital EFIS, radios, transponders, etc), AC or variable DC cables, alternators, electrical motors, ferrous materials, etc. In such cases the proper behavior of the compass is not guaranteed (i.e.
the compass may be crossed as “out of order” or may give erroneous indications).

Hint: Use a hand-held compass to verify the magnetic disturbance in the area selected for installation. If the needle shows relevant changes or unstable indication, the location is not suitable for installation. Make sure to perform this test with all on-board electronic devices switched ON.

Scenario A.

No calibration needed.

Scenario B.
A2 ADAHRS  is aligned with the aircraft longitudinal axis, is not aligned with straight & level flight attitude but pitch and roll offsets are present: a Horizon Alignment procedure is required.

Scenario C.
A2 ADAHRS is not aligned with aircraft longitudinal axis,
nor with straight & level flight attitude:
Full Attitude Calibration procedure is required.

Horizon Alignment
Press MENU > STRUMENTI > EFIS > Horizon Alignment.
1. Make sure the aircraft is in straight and level flight attitude
2. Press the joystick to record a sample of pitch and roll angles

Full Attitude Calibration
Press MENU > STRUMENTI > EFIS > Full Attitude Calibration.

1. Select if the maneuver will be pitch up or down. For tricycle aircraft the pitch up maneuver can be performed by pushing the tail (pitch up), while tail draggers will execute a pitch down maneuver by raising the tail.

2. Reset A2 ADAHRS calibration data; select Start. Wait until the reset phase is completed.

3. Set the aircraft in level and straight flight attitude by using jacks or blocks (or by asking a friend to push or lift the tail and hold). Press ENTER (joystick click) to record the sample in level & straight flight.

4. Set the aircraft in a pitch up (or down) attitude and press ENTER to record the pitch up/down sample. WARNING: be very careful not to change the aircraft heading while performing the pitch up /down maneuver.

5. Set values to A2 by pressing ENTER. Wait a few minutes for the sensor to stabilize and realign. If pitch and roll after a few minutes are still not aligned fine-tune pitch and roll offset by executing a Horizon Alignment procedure.
Connect again the EKP to the PC and do not launch the Suite. So access to the internal disk of the EKP that contains folders:
Open EKP5 folder and check the content. Please see if the file "EKP5.exe" (or simply "EKP5" if you do not have enabled the files extensions indication on your computer) is present and with size DIFFERENT from zero. If the file is present and with size different from zero contact [email protected] specifying
"SD not present, EKP5.exe file is present and different from zero".
If the file is NOT present or it is present but with size EQUAL to zero it is possible that some application/antivirus on your PC erased the file, making it not working on EKP unit.
So proceed with these steps:
1. Disable temporary your antivirus
2. Follow the instructions reported in the doc available at this link: Recovery

REMEMBER to ENABLE again the antivirus after EKPV connection, do not navigate on browser or open unknown applications without having enabled  again it. Keep your PC safe.
As option you can add an exception rule to your antivirus with aim to set it to do not recognize the EKP as dangerous item.

AvMap is not responsible for any damage occurred on PC during a not safe usage.

AvMap Suite for EKP V is not compatible with Linux, but is compatible with Windows (minimum requirement Windows ME) and Mac OSX too (minimum requirement Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 2009 )

iFlightPlanner and AvMap officially announced the addition of compatible technology that will allow pilots the ability to quickly and easily export flight routes planned using the Flight Wizard™ to their AvMap GPS navigator.

Plan your route by using the web-based iFlightPlanner Flight Wizard™ and Click “Export to AvMap”.
2. Connect the EKP V to your computer and once the AvMap Suite loads, click “Explore Device”.
3. Click “Flight Plans”, then “Add” and select the iFlightPlanner flight plan file that was saved to your
hard drive.
4. Click “Import to EKP”.
5. Disconnect the EKP V and then select your desired flight plan from the device’s “Flight Plan” page.

Please visit create your iFlightPlanner Premium account. iFlightPlanner memberships start at just $9.95/month and include access to iFlightPlanner’s cloud-based flight planning technology, U.S.-based aeronautical charts and the newly released AvMap integration.

Download the iflightPlanner - AvMap Guide

The EKP V switches on automatically everytime the aircraft engine is started: this is the normal EKP V behaviour when you switch it off using the power button.

The Docking Station includes a protection circuit to protect the system form overfeeding. We suggest anyway to avoid high electric discharge , e.g. a voltage 10 times ahigher than the allowed 12-35V could damage the system hardware. To avoid this you may want to add a switch between the docking station and the aircraft electrical system.

This may be due to the fact that there is a new version of the AvMap Suite available, please check the upper bar on the Suite Home page, and make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Suite version. 
An important update is the one introduced with Suite Version 1.3.41R (Windows) / 1.0.41R (MacOS)  released the 06/10/2013.

At the end of the procedure the maps will be correctly displayed  in the right column (purchases) of the Suite’s  Map management page, and they could be loaded on the navigator.

The map statuses can be 3:
-    Green: the map is u -to-date ( it is the latest released)
-    Red: the map is not up-to-date ( a new release is available)
-   Yellow: it is not possible to determine the validity of your map because the navigator has never been used. Please use the navigator first , getting a GPS fix position at a certain speed and then re-connect the EKP V to the PC.

Beside the status, you may see a green rosette meaning you have are guarantee for free the latest released map. In facts, when you buy a new AvMap navigator, you get the New Map Guarantee: that means you are guarantee for free the latest released map.

If a newer map is released by AvMap within 30 days from your first  use, the New map Guarantee allows you to download it for free using the Suite PC application.
You have 30 days from the first usage of your new AvMap navigator  (from the first acquisition of satellites at a certain speed)  to download  the Suite  and check if a new map is available for you for free! You can download only one free map for your navigator.
If the navigator has never been used it is impossible to determine the validity of the map, thus the yellow status map appears.

The cartography for AvMap aeronautical products includes information from several sources and data providers: NAVTEQ, Jeppesen, Seattle Avionics
Background and Land elevation
• Background: terrain depiction on the basis of the world altitude
• Land Elevation for TAWS
• Regional NAVTEQ data

Aeronautical Database
Updates every 28  days with Jeppesen Cycles (Subscribe now!)
• Jeppesen Data  Low Airways / Victor Airways included  Download the airspace legend
• Other sources Aeronautical data (Airfields private airports for all Europe and US, Vertical obstructions for USA,  VFR Reporting points)
- Avioportolano (Italy)
- Letist Database (Czech Republic and Slovakia) NEW from Cycle 1208 !

Street Maps
Updates three times a year
• Detailed terrestrial coverage with Street Network and POI NAVTEQ data

Airport Diagrams & Approach Plates
By Seattle Avionics

1. Compile a flight plan on, save and Export.

2. Select AvMap format and Save the file to a known location on your PC.

3. Connect the EKP V to you PC and execute the AvMap Suite (it should start automatically when the device is recognized).

4. Click Explore Device. This window allows transferring personal data between the  EKP V and your PC. Select Flight Plan from the list on the right.

5. Click Add and then select in your PC the flight plan file exported from RocketRoute.

6. Select the flight plans from the list on your right and Click Import to EKP. The imported flight plans will be listed in the left column.

7. Disconnect the EKP V and wait for the software to start. Open the EKP V FP page to find the Flight Plans.

For more info

> Download the Procedure

EKPV is compatible with Zaon devices for viewing air traffic.
In order to start the reception, connect the device to EKPV and activate it from the Accessories menu, choosing Traffic. You can also set up a reception range up to 6 Nm

If your AvMap Geosat doesn’t work properly, please contact the AvMap Technical Support team by e-mail on [email protected] .

Firstly you will be helped to solve your problem remotely by following standard technical support procedure. If this attempt is not successful, you will receive a Return Machine Authorization (RMA) in order to send the unit (or its components) to our offices and get your device repaired.

Verify your registration ( your data and the details of your navigator ), if you are not registered yet please insert your datas on - Support - Registration. This procedure is mandatory to ship the device in assistance if you will need.



AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.