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Most popular questions for - Geosat 5

You can either import your data ( marks and tracks) from the PC to the navigator  and export data from the Navigator to the PC.
This procedure require WIndows operating system, it is not possile with Mac OSX and Linux operating system.
It is possible to import contacts file .GPX  and .PLT. Contact files are exported in .GPX format, while the tracks in .PLT.


1. Before you export it is necessary to save your marks and traks in the File Browser.
 After a mark / contact  is stored go to page 3 of 4 from the main menu and select Save to Contacts (to save all the marks) and Save Track (this procedure will save all tracks).
2. In order to transfer its to your PC you must use the GSUpdate, the free desktop application that helps you keeping the navigator up-to-date,  to import / export data, Points of Interest etc..
How to download Geosat Update

3. Connect  the Geosat to the PC (the Geosat must be switched off and not connected to the power cable)

4. Start the GSUpdate and  select  "Manage Contacts"

5. select the contacts in the right window (SD content). Click the button with the blue arrow at the bottom and then select the folder in your PC where you want to save the file with your contacts.




It is possible to  import GPX files. It is recommended to import a single file containing all the contacts you want to import.
CAUTION: The imported file will overwrite all existing contacts stored within the browser.

 1. Connect the PC to the Geosat (Geosat off and not connected to power) and start the GSUpdate.

2. In GSUpdate select "Manage Contacts", click the icon of the folder with a "+" green sign.

3. Select the file that you want to import from your PC

4.Click on "Open" to select the icon of transfer (SD card with the blue arrow on top)

5. Click on this icon to import the file.




Close GSUPdate and disconnect the navigator. To activate the new imported files you need access to Managing Files and load them.







In any AvMap navigator, both the navigation software and the map data are preloaded on the memory card. The software update, however, is separate and apart from map data update.

Periodically, AvMap releases updates for the navigation software, free of charge. The software update concerns the navigation functions, messages and vocal instructions languages, menus, graphics, etc... Software Updates can be downloaded from the Support Section or through  the Geosat Suite.

The Map update on the other hand is not free. The updated data are released several times a year by our map providers and reworked and implemented by AvMap. When you update the maps, you update data such as street names, attributes and characteristics of the roads, one-ways, roundabouts, house numbers, points of interest, etc... The updates can be purchased on the AvMap shop online or through  the Geosat Suite.


It is always recommended that you secure your data in the internal navigator’s memory in case of Software Update, Ram Clear (memory reset) or  SD card change, otherwise the data will be lost.

Saving data  in File Manager will secure them and it will be  possible to recover them by “reloading” them.

1. Go to page 3 of 4 from the main menu and select File Management

2. Select Save to Contacts (this will save all the marks) and Save Track. Each  file track saves one single track. While saving a MARK File saves all the previously stored Marks.


The latest software version to update your Geosat is available, free of charge, from the support section
Each Software update is an executable file with an intuitive user interface that makes the updating operation easier.

Check whether your Geosat  needs to be updated:

How to check the software version in your Geosat:

1. Press the MENU key
2. Touch the Settings button twice
3. Touch the System info button
The software version is indicated in the first line as V1.xx.xxxR (dd-mm-yy), while the chart version
is indicated in the second to last line as T-EUQ-xxx.xx
The next step is to check whether there are updates available from the Support section

How to install the drivers on your PC:

1. If this is the first time that you have updated the software, you first need to register your product
Select Product registration and fill out all the required fields. After completing the form, you will receive an email with your login and password details.

2. After registering the product, visit the download section
select the model of the navigator to be updated, then click on drivers (this is necessary just the first time you update the software ).

3. In the drivers page click on download, you will be asked to enter your login and password details and then the download will start.

4. Once the drivers have been saved, launch the set up (USB_Geosat_Drivers-Setup) and follow the instructions without connecting your AvMap Geosat to the PC. Once the setup is finished, restart your PC. If the drivers have been correctly installed, they will be displayed in the Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs as ‘Chart Plotter USB drivers’. This driver will let your PC communicate with your navigator.


Once you have downloaded the drivers, you can download the Software update - called “gsupdate”. http://www.avmap.it/index.php?swt=0309
1.  click on Software Update. Find the latest release of the software, which will incorporate all the most recent improvements
(and all the previous ones).
2. Once you have downloaded the new software on your PC, you can connect your AvMap Geosat to the USB port, using the cable provided. If your unit is correctly linked, it will emit an audible signal. It should also display the ‘Found New Hardware’ message. Confirm the installation
3. Open the downloaded file. This will launch the Software update utility and your AvMap Geosat will emit two audible signals and will display the current version of the software and the new one.
Choose one (or more) languages from the menu and click on ‘SOFTWARE UPDATE’. Once you have completed the update click on ‘EXIT’ and wait for the audible signal to disconnect your AvMap Geosat from the PC.

Minimum PC requirements for drivers
Microsoft ® Windows®
ME / 2000 / XP o 2003 Server.
Processor 486 DX2
64 Mb RAM
64 Mb free space on Hard Disc
256 colours (800*600 resolution)
USB port

This may be because countries are in written the database with their native language name:



BALGARIJA (Bulgaria),


BELGIË (Belgium),


CESKÁ REPUBLIKA (Czech republic),

CITTA DEL VATICANO (vatican City),

CRNA GORA  (Montenegro)

DANMARK (Denmark),


ESPAÑA (Spain),

EESTI (Estonia)

FRANCE (France),

GIBRALTAR (Gibraltar),

HELLAS (Greece),

HRVATSKA (Croatia),


ITALIA (Italy),

LATVJIA (Latvia),


LIETUVA (Lithuania),





NEDERLAND (Netherlands),

NORGE (Norway),


POLSKA (Poland),

PORTUGAL (Portugal),


ROSSIYA (Russia),


ROMANIA (Romania),


SCHWEIZ (Switzerland),

SRBIJA (Serbia)

SLOVENIJA (Slovenia)

SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA (Slovakia),SUOMI (Finlandia),SVERIGE (Svezia),


TÜRKIYE (Turkey),



You must set it in System Setup, Alarms. The beeper works only when reaching the Marks with the Danger icon (the last one on the right in the Edit Mark page)

No,  there are no aeronautical or marine charts available for AvMap terrestrial navigators.

The duration of the battery at full bright is about 30 minutes. The duration can be extended by decreasing the brightness of the LCD up to 80-90 minutes

- Please ensure that the navigator is correctly positioned on the bracket and attached to the windscreen. - Please ensure that there aren't obstacles between the vehicle and the sky. GPS signal is not received indoors or in boxes or tunnels. - If you are moving, please try to stop and start again after the signal is acquired: for the navigator is much harder to calculate the GPS position while moving, for that reason acquiring will be slower.

it is a new generation map ( SDHC ) and your device needs an update of an internal file to read the new cards.
This procedure is very simple; insert the new SD card into the device and proceed with the software update procedure: 
Save before all your userdatas into FIle manager toavoid to loose them during the software update.
First of all download the Geosat Upload file and the Installation drivers from this section
www.avmap.it ( select your Language ) - Support - Downloads:Free software updates
Open the menu and choose the exact model of your Device; you will enter in the page whith the Geosat Upload file.
( If you have a Geopilot 2 or 2 plus you can choose anyway geosat 4 Travel, the drivers and Update files are the same ).
Choose before
Drivers -> Download -> Save on your PC
and then 
Software Update - Download - Save on your PC
and you will find the .zip files
- Install Drivers on your PC; when you will receive the confirm message connect the device ( connect only USB cable, the Geosat must be Turned OFF )
- Wait for the automatic hardware recognizing (only for the first connection)
- Do a double click on GeosatUpdate(releasedatas).exe file and wait for the window extraction
- When you see the opened GSupdate Window you don' t need to click on Update, becuase in this case the procedure is completed.
Close all windows, disconnect the device from PC and try again to turn on it.

Register your product  in order to  download for free desktop suite, user manuals, tools, and software updates  and to get Customer Support.

To check which map version is pre-loaded on your navigator:
1.Open the Navigation menu
2.Touch the Setting button
3.Touch System info
4.Select the Map page. The Map version is indicated with a name e.g. ITALY, followed by  the version.


The versioning system has been changed to along with the map data provider. Please refer to this table to understand the hostory of versioning, the relative map supplier and the date of release.


(As written in the SW about page)
MAP Version
(As written on the memory card
and as reported in the SHOP on line)
DATA PROVIDER How old is your map ? Compatibility
T-EU-Q0XX.15 V.3.2012 TELE ATLAS (TOM TOM) April 2012 Only for Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q1XX.04 V1.2012 NAVTEQ April 2012 All terrestrial Navigators except
Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EUX-Q0XX.14 V.11.2011 TELE ATLAS (TOM TOM) November 2011 Only for Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q1XX.03 V3.2011 NAVTEQ November 2011 All terrestrial Navigators except
Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q0XX.13 V.5.2011 TELE ATLAS (TOM TOM) May 2011 Only for Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q1XX.02 V2.2011 NAVTEQ May 2011 All terrestrial Navigators except
Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q1XX.01 V1.2011 NAVTEQ January 2011 All terrestrial Navigators except
Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q0XX.12 V.14 TELE ATLAS 2010 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.11 V.13 TELE ATLAS 2010 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.10 V.12 TELE ATLAS 2009 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.09 V.11 TELE ATLAS 2009 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.08 V.10 TELE ATLAS 2008 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.07 V.9 TELE ATLAS 2008 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.06 V.8 TELE ATLAS 2007 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.05 V.7 TELE ATLAS 2007 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.04 V.6 TELE ATLAS 2007 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.03 V.5 TELE ATLAS 2006 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.02 V.4 TELE ATLAS 2006 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.01 V.3 TELE ATLAS 2005 All terrestrial Navigators


You can enrich your maps adding extra POIs such as speed cameras downloaded from the internet in .ov2 format.


How to download the files:


Geosat is compatible with POI in OV2 format. These POi are distributed by several websites such as  WWW.ADIVOR.IT

Once you have downloaded the files, please check inside the folder that for each file there is also a corresponding image file  (eg. speedtraps.ov2 and speedtraps.bmp )


Then use the GSUpdate in order to load them on your Geosat:


1. If you have not installed the GSUpdate yet,

Read the procedure

2. Connect the navigator to the PC and start GSUpdate.


3. Select "POI Management" to load the POI files in the navigator


4. Once the procedure is completed close the application and disconnect.




Activate the POI on the Geosat:


Open the Menu - Settings - Maps icon - Page 2 User POI, to activate them.


Set an alarm:


Open User preferences - alarms and set the contact alarm ON,  set the distance then in the third page 3/3, select All the POI.


You can buy a new  AvMap SD card peloaded with new software and maps, directly on our Shop Online: choose your navigator and click on  'Buy new memory card' , then choose the desired area / special map. The new memory card will be delivered to you. Please specify in the order if you have an APRS version.

Read Also:



The AvMap navigation software only works with AvMap original memory cards. AvMap Memory cards cannot be duplicated or modified, if your memory card is damaged, please contact AvMap technical support.

1. Turn on the device by holding the first two keys from the bottom, keep them pressed until the System Test page appears.

2. Press the second button starting from the top (Home). The screen will display  "Press home to start calibration",  (  it this message does not appear, you need to  update the software)

 3. Press Home again and start the calibration procedure (using the tip of a pen or pencil to run more accurately).

 4. Touch with the tip of the pen in the exact centre of the cross that appears in the lower left corner. The cross moves, continue to perform the same procedure until the test screen appears.

 5. Use your finger to press in any sequence, the five squares that appear on the screen.

6. Press OK and then turn off the device.

Turn on the navigator, the  problem should be solved.

Sure, you can purchase a fixed holder from our . shop on line


The AvMap navigators are not compatible with marine cartography and also are not recommended for outdoor use because they are not waterproof.


The battery is not available as an external spare part, the navigator must be sent in for repair, you will get a estimate of the intervention as soon as the device is tested in the lab.

Send an email to [email protected] requesting an RMA (return Authorization Service) for "battery without any autonomy."



Changing the welcome picture is simple!

1. Save the image you would like to have as a welcome on your PC. The optimal format is : jpeg, resolution 72dpi, sized 320x240 pixels.

2. Connect the Navigator to the PC

3. Open the GSUpdate and select "Create and send Welcome"

4. Browse for the desired image and click "open". A preview will be shown. Click  OK to transfer  the image to the navigator.


Of course, just buy the kit 4x4 maps on our

Shop on line

The battery life of the device should be about 30 to 40 minutes.

1. Please check that the power cable is plugged into the correct input on the back of the device, next to the USB.
2. The effective and complete charging cannot be performed while the navigator is on and operating in the car. A full charge must be carried with the navigator Off and Powered.
3. Connect the Geosat to the power source with the car charger and the  AC / DC adapter, turn it on and make sure that the power icon (a flash)  is present in the lower right part of the display.

4. Switch off the device and verify that the leds under the keyboard buttons start to blink, it means the battery is charging. Charge for about 4 hours.


For this operation you need a memory card reader.

1. Download the worldwide background here
This background is only compatible with Geosat 5 series OR other Geosat 2 or 4 with software version 2.50 or higher.

2.    Read the  Geosat memory card with a Card reader

3.    Copy and paste the downloaded file as it is  into the CHARTS folder of the Navigator. If the CHARTS folder  it already contains a .TAB file, delete it

4. Reinsert the card inside the navigator

It shows the entire route: press the icon, to see the entire route displayed on the screen, to get an overview of the route.

Press POWER to enter to the page SCREEN OPTIONS and then set the brightness / contrast.


Save the contacts (mark) on Geosat 5

1. Turn on your navigator, go to page 3 of 4 from the main menu and click on File Manager

2. Select Save to Contacts.

Export Contacts from Geosat on the PC using the driver

1. Download the Geosat 5 driver .This is the application that allows both to update the software, and restore and insert different languages, insert and manage POI Tracks and Contacts.

2. Extract the content of the compressed file

3. Connect the navigator (without  feeding it with the power cable) to the computer using a USB on the back of the pc

4. Open the GSUpdate application

5. Click  on CONTACTS MANAGEMENT. On the right side of the screen of  the content of the SD card is shown, select the word CONTACTS, then click on the button below to export the files to the PC.

6. In the dialog window that opens up, select the file destination folder on the PC

7. The files are now transferred to the PC. Close all windows and disconnect the Geosat 5.


Import the contacts to Geosat 6

1. If you have not done it yet, download Geosat Suite. This is the application that allows both to update the software, and restore and insert different languages, insert and manage POI Tracks and Contacts.

2. Extract the contents of the zip file and install the application..

3. disconnect  the navigator from the power supply. Turn on the Geosat 6, wait for the loading of the page and as soon as the page with the main icons is displayed, plug the USB cable.

4. Connect the Geosat to USB and wait for the hardware to be recognized. Once connected, the screen of Geosat will change and will show a  USB icon.

5. Locate on your desktop the icon for the Geosat Suite and open it.

5. Select ADD CONTENT and then  Select CONTACTS on the right, click ADD and select the folder where you saved the contacts of the Geosat 5.

6. After the message "data transfer completed" just close all windows, unplug the navigator and turn it on to check the list.


Select the rectangle on the high left. In order to show/hide the boxes, press on the white triangle onthe side of the fields.

Press MENU then SETTINGS and User Preferences.


If your AvMap Geosat doesn’t work properly, please contact the AvMap Technical Support team by e-mail on [email protected] .

Firstly you will be helped to solve your problem remotely by following standard technical support procedure. If this attempt is not successful, you will receive a Return Machine Authorization (RMA) in order to send the unit (or its components) to our offices and get your device repaired.

Verify your registration ( your data and the details of your navigator ), if you are not registered yet please insert your datas on www.avmap.it - Support - Registration. This procedure is mandatory to ship the device in assistance if you will need.



AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.


How to get Customer Support
for your AvMap device:

1.   Register your Navigator

2.   Read the FAQsection

3.   If you do not find the answer to your problem, then write us filling the online Assistance form or contact the CALL CENTER +39 0585 784044

4.   The Customer Support will reply providing you instructions.

5.   If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or email, you will receive via email a repair code  ‘RMA’ with all the instructions to send us your navigator for repair.