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Most popular questions for - Motivo

You must set it in System Setup, Alarms. The beeper works only when reaching the Marks with the Danger icon (the last one on the right in the Edit Mark page)

- Please ensure that the navigator is correctly positioned on the bracket and attached to the windscreen. - Please ensure that there aren't obstacles between the vehicle and the sky. GPS signal is not received indoors or in boxes or tunnels. - If you are moving, please try to stop and start again after the signal is acquired: for the navigator is much harder to calculate the GPS position while moving, for that reason acquiring will be slower.

Register your product  in order to  download for free desktop suite, user manuals, tools, and software updates  and to get Customer Support.

To check which map version is pre-loaded on your navigator:
1.Open the Navigation menu
2.Touch the Setting button
3.Touch System info
4.Select the Map page. The Map version is indicated with a name e.g. ITALY, followed by  the version.


The versioning system has been changed to along with the map data provider. Please refer to this table to understand the hostory of versioning, the relative map supplier and the date of release.


(As written in the SW about page)
MAP Version
(As written on the memory card
and as reported in the SHOP on line)
DATA PROVIDER How old is your map ? Compatibility
T-EU-Q0XX.15 V.3.2012 TELE ATLAS (TOM TOM) April 2012 Only for Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q1XX.04 V1.2012 NAVTEQ April 2012 All terrestrial Navigators except
Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EUX-Q0XX.14 V.11.2011 TELE ATLAS (TOM TOM) November 2011 Only for Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q1XX.03 V3.2011 NAVTEQ November 2011 All terrestrial Navigators except
Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q0XX.13 V.5.2011 TELE ATLAS (TOM TOM) May 2011 Only for Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q1XX.02 V2.2011 NAVTEQ May 2011 All terrestrial Navigators except
Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q1XX.01 V1.2011 NAVTEQ January 2011 All terrestrial Navigators except
Motivo and Peugeot Privilege models
T-EU-Q0XX.12 V.14 TELE ATLAS 2010 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.11 V.13 TELE ATLAS 2010 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.10 V.12 TELE ATLAS 2009 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.09 V.11 TELE ATLAS 2009 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.08 V.10 TELE ATLAS 2008 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.07 V.9 TELE ATLAS 2008 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.06 V.8 TELE ATLAS 2007 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.05 V.7 TELE ATLAS 2007 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.04 V.6 TELE ATLAS 2007 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.03 V.5 TELE ATLAS 2006 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.02 V.4 TELE ATLAS 2006 All terrestrial Navigators
T-EU-Q0XX.01 V.3 TELE ATLAS 2005 All terrestrial Navigators

You can update the software on your Motivo with the last release ONLY if you already  have an AvMap SD Card.

If you don’t have an AvMap SD card in it it means that it is an old generation Motivo and you need to request an RMA to [email protected]
( Motivo must be shipped to the AvMap Support Center for a complete upgrade procedure ).

If you already have the SD card:

1. Connect Motivo to the PC thorugh USB cable and wait forthe hardware to be recognized

2. Find the internal Motivo disk recognized into “My Computer section”

3.  Download the Motivo Update tool for free

4.  Extract the zipped folder to obtain the .exe file

5.  Launch the .exe file doing “double click” on it, when the window will be open you will see a message, on the right side of the that window, that shows you If the Motivo software is updated or not. If it is not updated, click on “Software update” button and wait for the end of the procedure. When the software has been updated, clocse the Motivo Update window and do the safety eject of the device from your PC

6. Disconnect Motivo from the PC by USB connection and restart it with an on/off switch

7. Wait for the turning on procedure and access to Menu – System Info – Software to see if the software has been correctly updated

You can buy a new  AvMap SD card peloaded with new software and maps, directly on our

Shop Online

: choose your navigator and click on  'Buy new memory card' , then choose the desired area

The AvMap navigation software only works with AvMap original memory cards. AvMap Memory cards cannot be duplicated or modified, if your memory card is damaged, please contact AvMap technical support.

If you already have a MOTIVO II (with maps on external SD memory card), the software UPGRADE is free and will update the graphical interface and will add a several navigation functions such as trip computer, the organizer of stops and lane guidance.


New features at a glance:

- The "Trip Computer" was designed to help the driver to get an overview of the journey, showing informations such as average speed, travel time, stop time, etc..

- The "organizer stops" is useful to help you organize your trip. Entering the destination and time of departure, the navigator requires the distance or the time within which you want to stop. The software calculates the station and provides the point of interest closest to the stop, such as a gas station, a restaurant or a hotel.

- "The lane assistant" will suggest you what lane to follow in multi-lane road sections, indicating the type of marks present between the lanes.

- The new software also gives you the opportunity to choose between the vertical and horizontal display, to take advantage of the screen 4.3 of MOTIVO.

If you have a MOTIVO I with preloaded maps in the internal memory (so that it works without any memory card), the UPGRADE also involves the ability to read maps on external SD, so the free software upgrade is only useful if you intend to buy a map update.


If your AvMap Geosat doesn’t work properly, please contact the AvMap Technical Support team by e-mail on [email protected] .

Firstly you will be helped to solve your problem remotely by following standard technical support procedure. If this attempt is not successful, you will receive a Return Machine Authorization (RMA) in order to send the unit (or its components) to our offices and get your device repaired.

Verify your registration ( your data and the details of your navigator ), if you are not registered yet please insert your datas on www.avmap.it - Support - Registration. This procedure is mandatory to ship the device in assistance if you will need.

No,  there are no aeronautical or marine charts available for AvMap terrestrial navigators.



AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.


How to get Customer Support
for your AvMap device:

1.   Register your Navigator

2.   Read the FAQsection

3.   If you do not find the answer to your problem, then write us filling the online Assistance form or contact the CALL CENTER +39 0585 784044

4.   The Customer Support will reply providing you instructions.

5.   If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or email, you will receive via email a repair code  ‘RMA’ with all the instructions to send us your navigator for repair.