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Why AvMap Suite?

Use AvMap Suite everytime you want to:

* Update the Maps

* Get free Software updates

* Save a backup of your navigator

* Add your custom maps

* Customize your navigator

* Share contents

* Download the latest user manual


AvMap Suite Support

AvMap Suite User Manual



Compatibility: EKP V


For Geosat navigators download Geosat Suite


AvMap Suite

What is it for?

The AvMap Suite is a PC application that helps you keeping your EKPV up-to-date and allows you customizing your contents and sharing them with your friends.

Once you have installed AvMap Suite, just connect your navigator to the PC with the USB cable and the Suite will warn you automatically every time an update for your device is available.

*  AvMap Suite helps you downloading contents from the AvMap server such as the latest software updates, user manuals, voices and the freshest maps.

*  Through the AvMap Suite you can also load on your EKP V  other contents such as custom maps (with the map converter function) or airfields images to personalize your EKPV.

*  AvMap Suite makes it easier to share your saved contacts, routes and tracks with friends, as it helps exchanging contents from your navigator to PC and vice versa.

How to get it:

1.    Download AvMap Suite and save it on your PC.
2.    Unzip the downloaded file and launch the executable file
3.    Choose a destination folder to save it or use the default one
4.    Accept the End User License Agreement
5.    Click the END button to complete the installation, a shortcut  will be created on your desktop.
6.    Choose the language,  then click  “Set Language” and confirm your choice by clicking Ok.
7.    Follow the instructions in Suite to connect your navigator. For more info: AvMap Suite  Manual
8.    Connect the navigator to the PC everytime you want to:

*  Update the Maps

*  Update the Software

*  Save a backup of your  navigator

*  Share contents

*  Add your custom maps (Map Converter) to the navigator

*  Download the latest user manual

*  Customize your navigator with images , maps or other contents.


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