Dancing in the Sky com a Blue Voltige

The Pilots

AvMap has sponsored over the years some of the most incredible pilots: like Fabio Iannaccone & Ivan Prizzon from Treviso, known as "The Blue Voltige"

The BLUE VOLTIGE "patrol of dancing-vintage-motor gliders" was born in spring 2000 from an idea of two friends, sharing a passion for vintage airplanes.

The aircraft

The denomination "patrol of dancing-vintage-Moto gliders" indicates the semi-aerobatic character of the show performed by the two Fournier motor gliders (RF4D and RF5).

The motor gliders, designed by René Fournier and built by German Sportavia Putzer, are two propeller driven airplanes from the sixties, featuring very sleek and aerodynamic lines; both have a wooden frame and are equipped with four-cylinder engines derived from automotive use.

The Dance

BLUE VOLTIGE have performed their 15 minutes flight show in all major national air shows where the "Frecce Tricolori" perform, including the Open Day organized by the Italian   Air Force and also in many international events.

An incredibly emotional show, developped thanks to an intense workout, determination and team spirit. The two motor gliders draw sweet and harmonious figures in the sky, it looks like a ballet in the air, one of a kind, emphasized by music and the use of smoke.

Voando com AvMap


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Dancing in the Sky com a Blue Voltige

Dancing in the Sky com a Blue Voltige

“O Blue Voltige” é uma patrulha de dança-vintage-motorgliders formadas por Fabio Iannaccone & Ivan Prizzon de Treviso, realizando um show de voo muito emocionante.

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