O voo Volta ao Mundo

O voo Volta ao Mundo



A incrível aventura de Detlef Heun e Liliana Tagliamonte: voar ao redor do mundo por 4 anos.

The Dream

This is a story of a one of a kind couple that had the ambitious project to fly around the world on a low budget and promote general aviation.

For this ambitious project, Lili and Det build their own airplane. They ordered an RV7 from vans aircraft, and spent an year building it.

At AvMap we were so impressed by the project that we decided to sponsor this adventure and to provide Detlef and Liliana with AvMap EKP IV, to guide them everywhere in the world.

Detlef Heun

Liliana Tagliamonte

The pilots

Detlef Heun worked for 20 years in the automotive maintenance sector. He began the first gliding lessons at the age of 14, then achieved the Airplane Rating in 1980. In Germany he qualified as an instructor for power gliders and airplanes. But Detlef went further and completed an extensive aerobatic training on a Citabria in the USA. Then he started his training as a commercial pilot.

Liliana Tagliamonte, before this adventure, had already completed 4 Atlantic crossings in a sailing yacht and traveled widely enjoying many different cultures. She then completed her PPL-A training. Even before getting the license she was already considering flying around the world.

The journey: more than a flight around the world

The journey has taken approximately 4 years, a total of 150.000 miles (240.000 kilometers), about 6 times around the world.

The flight started from Punta Gorda, Florida on the 31st March 2009 and crossed every longitude and latitude:

The route has touched: USA  – Bahamas – Dominican Republic – Guyana – Surinam – Brazil – Argentina – Antarctica with landing on the South Pole – back to Argentina –  Chile – Peru – Ecuador – Panama –  Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Belize – Mexico – USA – Canada – Greenland – Island – Europe – Turkey – Saudi Arabia – Oman – Pakistan – India – Maldives – Sri Lanka – Thailand – Indonesia – Australia – Tasmania – New Zealand – most of all South Pacific Islands – Borneo – Philippines – China – Japan – Alaska – Canada and back to USA.

A Big Family

Liliana and Detlef have been perfect aviation ambassadors, connecting with pilots all over the world, showing that you do not need to be a millionaire to fly.
With the help of fellow pilots, hosting them in their houses, they managed to keep flying and dreaming.

Liliana and Detlef shared experiences, talked, ate together with tons of people, who showed them the beauties of each country.

The documentary

There was so much to tell and show about this adventure that they even produced a documentary "On the Wings of Dreams" to celebrate their achievements!

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Voando com AvMap


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O voo Volta ao Mundo

A incrível aventura de Detlef Heun e Liliana Tagliamonte: voar ao redor do mundo por 4 anos.

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