Cockpit Docking Station

The hub of your integrated avionics system

The EKP V Cockpit Docking Station allows the installation of AvMap EKP V Aeronautical Navigator into the cockpit panel, and enables the unit to interface to multiple external devices at the same time.

The Cockpit Docking Station includes 4 USB ports, 2 serial ports, Audio video input (NTSC and PAL) , Audio output. The external GPS antenna is included in the box.

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Multiple simultaneous connections

The Docking Station transforms the EKP V large 7” LCD into a true multifunctional display and flight information system. Create your AvMap Avionics System connecting instruments and accessories to EKP V:
AvMap Cockpit Docking Station
  • GPS receiver


  • Autopilot

  • Traffic Receiver

  • Video Cameras or enhanced vision systems

  • Weather receiver

  • Other instruments

Safe connections

When docked, the EKP V is powered/charged by the aircraft electrical system through a socket vibration proof for power supply AVG 16.

One of the USB ports is powered by the EKP V internal battery to ensure functionality even in case of aircraft electrical power failure.

EKPV Docking Station the installation manual

Cockpit Cradle Kit installation manual

Comparation table


Cockpit Craddle Kit

Cockpit Docking Station

Power Supply    
GPS Receiver    
Video Cameras
Enhanced video system
Weather Receiver
Service Available in North America

Cockpit Cradle Kit VS Cockpit Docking Station

EKP V offers two mounting solutions:

  1. Basic panel integration with the Cockpit Cradle Kit: featuring connection to Power and GPS receiver.

  2. Advanced connectivity with the Cockpit Docking Station featuring 4 USB connection, 2 serial connections, audio input and output, video input.
The two models have the same size ( 164,4 x 106,8 mm cut in the panel is required), while external frame measures 172 x 110 mm.

Cockpit Docking Station

$ 365.00

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