Cockpit Docking Station

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Cockpit Docking Station Panel Installation

Panel cutting line: 165.4 x 106.8 mm (template provided).
The external frame measures 172 x 110 mm

Download the installation manual

Cockpit Docking Station Connections

Front View

A. Pogo Pin Connector
B. 3A fuse for connection to the power supply
C. Safety Switch 

Back View

D. Battery powered USB Port: backup power provided by the EKP V internal battery.
E. Normal USB Ports: powered by the aircraft electrical system.
G.Wire clamp connector. 
H. Cable locking bar.

Serial connections scheme

DB 15 Connections

  • 2x Serials ports (1 x RS-232, 1 x TTL levels)
  • Audio IN
  • Audio OUT
  • Video IN (video composite signal PAL or NTSC)
  • Push-To-Talk

How to dock the EKP V


  1. Insert the EKP V in the Docking Station from the Pogo Pin connector side, properly blocking the hook on the right.
  2. Then press the opposite part to insert completely the navigator inside the Cradle.
  3. Securely fix the EKP V with the safety hook on the left side.
  4. Once docked the EKP V will power on automatically.


Cockpit Docking Station

$ 300.00

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