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Ultra EFIS

9 Instruments in 1

Primary Flight Display and navigation backup
for light-sport, ultra-light, and experimental aircraft.


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9 Instruments in 1

1. Altimeter

2. Airspeed Indicator

3. Artificial Horizon

4. Direction Gyro / HSI 

5. Side Slip Indicator

6. Vertical Speed Indicator

7. Automatic Direction Finder with GPS

8. G-Meter

9. Magnetic Compass

Designed for light-sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft

Ultra light, Utra compact, Ultra Bright  

Ultra light: only 8.1 oz

Ultra compact: only  2.49” of installing depth, and only 3.74” x 3.74” of external frame

Ultra bright: 3.5” ultra bright LCD display with 500 cd/m2 brightness

Ultra powerful

Packed with everything you need

  • 3.5” ultra bright LCD

  • GPS 

  • Solid state 3-axis gyro

  • 3-axis accelerometer

  • 3-axis magnetic field sensor

  • Pitot and Static air data sensors

  • UAV motion processor and sensor fusion software

  • Preloaded with Jeppesen database (APT, VOR, NDB)

Air Data

Connect Ultra EFIS to the Pitot - Static system

When connected to the Pitot-Static, Ultra provides Air Data and advanced performance!


PFD and HSI pages

The AvMap Ultra can display on the 3.5” LCD two different pages: PFD and HSI. Change Page by using the rotor knob.

NEW PFD page

AvMap UltraEFIS PFD page

The PFD screen displays the ADAHRS data: Air Data, Attitude, Heading Reference System

HSI page

The HSI screen display: Current position, Heading Distance, Direction,  Radials relative to reference navigation points, Approximate wind data.

Primary Flight Display New User Experience!

6 major improvements

Software Update 5.22R - July 2021




Your Navigation back-up!

Ultra EFIS is an Approved electronics backup instrument for LAA Aircraft in UK


The AvMap Ultra also provides navigation back-up: in the HSI screen you can select from the preloaded Jeppesen Database an Airport, a VOR station or NDB transmitter as your navigation point.

  • Preloaded Jeppesen Database 

  • User Data: Insert user points and use them as navigation aid!

  • RS-232 serial interface (NMEA 0183): Send out GPS data to external devices (autopilot, transponder, navigation or EFIS system etc.). 


Ultra EFIS Support