Ultra EFIS

9 Instruments in 1

Primary Flight Display and navigation backup
for light-sport, ultra-light, and experimental aircraft.


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  1. Use the Cutting template, included in the box to cut out the panel, and install the AvMap Ultra with ease on the front of the panel and screwing it from behind.
  2. In order to display accurate speed and altitude data the Ultra needs to be connected to the
    aircraft Pitot-static system. The Pitot and static ports on the back of the Ultra are equipped with 1/8” NPT female fittings. To connect the aircraft Pitot and static lines to the Ultra, you must use standard 1/8” NPT male fittings (not included in the box) at the end of each of the lines. Installation along with other mechanical or digital altimeters and airspeed indicators can be done by using a T coupler.
  3. Connect the external GPS receiver, included in the box, on the back side of the Ultra EFIS. The GPS receiver comes with a 1.5 meter cable and is designed for use inside the aircraft.

  4. Power the Ultra EFIS from an 10V to 35V supply. Mount on the power wire (RED) the 1A fuse holder, provided in the box, to protect against short circuits

Note: Periodically the altimeter can easilly be calibrated on the device without removing the Ultra from the aircraft panel. For more information download the Ultra EFIS Installation Manual.

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