AvMap EKP V Maps

Moving map excellence: super detailed, with the most reliable official data.

AvMap maps are the result of 30 years of navigation technology and vector maps know-how. AvMap has chosen official sources, to provide the most complete and safest maps for your flight. Our aeronautical maps include:

  • Aeronautical Database: Jeppesen data, Avioportolano

  • Background: terrain depiction and Land Elevation for TAWS

  • Terrestrial Database: street network and Points of Interest by HERE

  • Airports diagrams & Approach plates: by Seattle Avionics

  • FAA VFR sectional charts by FAA per for United States

Five available coverages:
Europe- Africa, North America, South America, Asia-Australia, Worldwide.


How to update your EKP V

Shop online

You can buy from the Shop online a new memory card for your EKP V, preloaded with software and maps complete with all the data sets.

AvMap Suite

You can choose to update only one set of data: the Aeronautical Database, the Street maps or VFR charts by downloading them through the AvMap Suite: it is cheaper and faster!

Aeronautical Maps Update Service

You can also subscribe to the Maps Update Service, the most convenient way to keep your EKP V complete and updated.

New Map Guarantee

Get the latest Jeppesen database for free! 

When you buy an AvMap EKP V, you are guarantee for free the latest released Aeronautical Database (Jeppesen data). Get your free update through the AvMap Suite:

  1. If you have not registered yet, register here
  2. Download the Suite here and install it on your PC / MAC
  3. Connect your EKP V to the PC and open the Suite and check if a new Database is available for you!

Attention: to have access to the latest available maps, you need to check the availability within 30 days from the first use of the EKP V (from the first acquisition of satellites at a certain speed).  You can download only one free map update. 

AvMap maps explained

Aeronautical Database

Updates every 28 days. Subscribe now!

  • Jeppesen Data  Low Airways / Victor Airways included
  • Avioportolano (Italy)

Background and Land elevation

Updates once a year.

  • Background overview: terrain depiction based on the world altitude
  • Land Elevation for TAWS
  • HERE data (major roads).

Street Maps 

Updates 3 times a year.

Detailed terrestrial coverage with Street Network and POI by HERE.

Approach Plates and Airport diagrams

Updates every 28 days.

For 40 European countries / United States by Seattle Avionics.

VFR charts 

  • Digital FAA sectional charts for United States (updates every month)

  • IGN OACI VFR chart for France (optional)

La rappresentazione delle mappe EKP V

Airport Diagrams & Approach Plates

EKP V is preloaded with approach plates and diagrams of the airports of United States, provided by Seattle Avionics.


Following a visual approach procedure is very easy: select an airport as destination, open its geo-referenced approach plate and watch your plane icon moving on it.

Import your custom maps

In addition of the incredible set of preloaded maps, you can add your own charts! The AvMap Suite helps you converting and importing charts to your EKP V.

How to import your custom maps

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