Cockpit Docking Station

The hub of your integrated avionics system

The EKP V Cockpit Docking Station allows the installation of AvMap EKP V Aeronautical Navigator into the cockpit panel, and enables the unit to interface to multiple external devices at the same time.

The Cockpit Docking Station includes 4 USB ports, 2 serial ports, Audio video input (NTSC and PAL) , Audio output. The external GPS antenna is included in the box.

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Multiple simultaneous connections

The Docking Station transforms the EKP V large 7” LCD into a true multifunctional display and flight information system. Create your AvMap Avionics System connecting instruments and accessories to EKP V:
AvMap Cockpit Docking Station
  • GPS receiver


  • Autopilot

  • Traffic Receiver

  • Video Cameras or enhanced vision systems

  • Weather receiver

  • Other instruments

Safe connections

When docked, the EKP V is powered/charged by the aircraft electrical system through a socket vibration proof for power supply AVG 16.

One of the USB ports is powered by the EKP V internal battery to ensure functionality even in case of aircraft electrical power failure.

Download the installation manual


Comparation table

Cockpit Cradle Kit VS Cockpit Docking Station

EKP V offers two mounting solutions:

  1. Basic panel integration with the Cockpit Cradle Kit: featuring connection to Power and GPS receiver.

  2. Advanced connectivity with the Cockpit Docking Station featuring 4 USB connection, 2 serial connections, audio input and output, video input.
The two models have the same size ( 164,4 x 106,8 mm cut in the panel is required), while external frame measures 172 x 110 mm.

Cockpit Docking Station

300,00 €

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